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“I can’t change the world – but I can change the world in me”

Rejoice – U2

I decided to start blogging just before the summer vacation in an attempt to communicate my understanding of the IT and business landscape – and inspire. The IT and business landscape is going through rapid change at the moment, driven by digitalization and innovation. A new way of thinking is needed to address the rapid transformation and I have tried to be a voice in that context. What are the effects of unpredictability and how to be successful in this environment? Difficult and important questions that need a facilitator to drive change. The idea was to inspire fellow IT professionals to take a step out of their comfort zones to a place where anything is possible.  Little magic happens in one’s comfort zone. The blog has proven to be a success reaching over 500 visitors (IT and business professionals) in 25 countries and 5 continents.

The aim of the blog post has been to tell a story or inspire reader to change mindset about key issues. Transformation in this unpredictable environment is less based on structure and processes, but rather on mindset and culture.  It is our minds we can make a difference and unleash performance. By having the right understanding, of the world, asking ourselves the right questions and acting as role models – to change the world in me. To be inspired, without attending expensive conferences, is the first step and that is how the blog posts should be viewed.

All stories are linked, in one way or the other, to agile performance management (how to achieve strategic objectives in an unpredictable environment) and governance (internal policies and structure) because that is the foundation for mastering digitalization and increased unpredictability. It is an area troubled by great confusion as digitalization and unpredictability re-writes definitions, relationships and concepts. The IT landscape is different today then it was yesterday – and it will continue to change in fast movements.

The starting point in often based on experience or influence from research. Something I have seen in an organization that is worth discussing or an article or book that changed my mindset. I try to read a lot of articles (from different authors and companies) and literature to get a broad understand for the current trends. They all tell a story from some angle but there is a need to place the story in overall holistic perspective. How does this article fit in to my views of how the world is changing and its effects on business and IT? This is the story I want to communicate. To drive a deeper discussion on key topics to with an aim to change mindsets and drive discussion to higher performance and business value. Quality and inspiration is always prioritized in the blog posts.

One great inspirer is Jim Collins and his books “Good to Great” and “Great by Choice”. His research is outstanding and that is a great inspiration to me. But also how he tells the story and gets you to challenge your “selected truths” and views on the world. It is not the biggest companies, which we constantly hear about in media, which are the most successful. But rather companies with unique leaders with the right mindset, an accurate view on the world, and keeping to their plan. Hope that Jim Collins will continue his research and I look forward to new masterpieces in the future.

Quite many people follow the blog with great interest in the thought and ideas. Blog posts are also re-posted on other sites and forums to expand the inspiration.  I am very thankful for that. But the blog can be even better and I therefore urge you all to send me comments or ideas of new topics to write about. What is your view on the world and where do you get your inspiration. This is just the beginning of my journey – and much more is to come! Thank you for being part of it.

Best regards

Hans Gillior – The Goodwind Company

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