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During the last year, over 1,250 visitors in 43 countries have downloaded my blog focusing on IT performance management (strategy, governance and digital management) in digital era. It is an inspiration for me to continue investigating the area of digitalization. It is clear that digitalization is not only re-writing the business landscape but also the IT role in the organization. The purpose of the blog is therefore to describe its affects and how to be successful in the new digital landscape (New Normal).

Read more – and be inspired! 

 This blog post will list the most popular blog posts and hope these will inspire you and your organization further. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information, inspiration workshops or ideas for future blog posts.

  1. The cost efficiency paradox
  2. Future of IT – digital drivers are changing the role of IT
  3. IT Governance vs. IT Performance Management
  4. Traditional Governance is key source of competitive disadvantage
  5. Standardized IT KPIs – brings no business value!
  6. Trust – a performance thrust.
  7. The value of IT – the most valuable framework
  8. Summertime – time to make a difference!

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– Hans Gillior

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