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One insight! It was one insight that gave an easy to understand manual for business success. It was one insight to understand the dynamics of business and simplified business development. It was Osterwalder magic!

To be honest, I did have the time or money to invest in any business development framework. The next deadline and sales pitch took all of my time, and it was all under control – at least so it seemed. The business climate looked like a bowl of spaghetti with all new competitors, customers, channels, trends and digitalization – but as long as a I focused on where I was comfortable – it worked.

One Wednesday night, I complaint to my wife about the difficulty to have the right offer at the right time. I had recently lost three deals in a row, and my entrepreneurial spirit was taking a hit. Her response was brilliant – “why don’t you learn about how real professional business development works?” That night I scanned the Internet on good books and came across Alexander Osterwalder’s “Business Model Generation” which I read with great interest. It was here that I received the insight – but connecting the different components of the market to understand what to offer and to whom.

The next couple of weeks, I reviewed my business offerings, business model and marketing tactics. I used the Osterwalder’s Business Model to understand how I created value, what channels I used to market, and how to build relationships with key clients. I started to package the offerings into standardized offerings (maximum 8 weeks to implement) at fixed price. All offerings were standardized and pre-defined – no inventing the wheel with full focus on value creation. I tested the new tactics and it was a success! Much better customer feedback and also winning deals instead of losing them.

The brilliance of Osterwalder’s framework was its simplicity and easy to use. It suited my situation brilliantly with tight deadlines – and gave me the tool to excel. Great! One insight to challenge your mindset was all that was needed. One insight!

On March 31st, Dataföreningen in Stockholm will launch a premium network focusing on business development based on Alexander Osterwalder’s framework. It will give you insights to take business development to a completely new level. One insight!

Interested? Send me a mail (hans@gillior.se) and I will forward your interest to Dataföreningen!

– Hans Gillior – an Osterwalder fan!