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The IT organization needs to learn to walk before it can run with business and digital customers! 

Articles and presentation about the effects of digitalization have overwhelmed us all. Changed customer behaviour, mobility, cloud services and big data is to change the business world forever. High unpredictability, agile governance and predictive analysis is the talk of today. But what does this mean for IT?

To be honest, digitalization is off our agenda – we are stuck in service management challenges. But business are putting more and more pressure on us to go digital. What do we do?

Successful IT organizations are those that secure Service Management and Integration at an excellent level keep the topics off the table in discussions with business – hence being allowed to become a strategic partner to drive digitalization. In a multi-sourcing environment, with focus on cost efficiency, this is a tricky task that few IT organizations have succeeded with.

Sofigate have now launched a FREE ICT Standard for Management with a unique SIAM (Service Integration and Management) service that has revolutionized IT management. We see that implementation of SIAM and ICT Standard for Management more quickly qualifies the IT organization to becoming a Strategic Partner and managing digitalization. Do you want to know the secret of excellent service management?

Juha Huovinen (founder of Sofigate) will present the Third Generation ICT Standards of Management and SIAM framework – and how to practically manage digitalization. We will share successful customer cases, initiating interesting discussions – all in first class style.

Join our event on June 1st (Stockholm/Waterfront Building) and learn more how to qualify your IT organization for digitalization. Register on the invitation below. Let’s take the first step together!

Hans Gillior

Senior Advisor – Sofigate Stockholm